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  • ORIGIN : ROMANIA, 2020


  • POINTS OF SALE : Flying Solo (New York) • Wolf&Badger • NotJustALabel

We believe in a world where you have complete freedom to be yourself, without judgment. A world where you experiment. A world in which you express yourself. A world where you are brave and look at life as an extraordinary adventure.

• OUR focus is on quality and sustainability •

WN collections are aimed at women  who care about how they feel when they wear a coat, which focus on material and cuts, quality and sustainability.
All WN products are made of quality materials, in several sizes – we are committed to offering all sizes at the same price – so you can be sure that you can always find a perfect product for your size and style.
Out of a passion for quality and versatility, all WN outfits are designed to be worn when you really want to feel, YOU!

 • A Custom Approach •

We want to make sure that everyone has an equal chance of discovering the amazing things they are capable of – no matter who they are or where they come from. 
We exist to give you the confidence to be who you want to be, whenever and wherever you want. Our customers (AKA, YOU)  are wonderful and unique. We do everything we can to help you fit in perfectly natural with any situation. 


  • Minimum order  : 3000 €
    *On the entire collection of the designer

  • Delivery date estimation : 15 days

  • Resumption of unsold products
    ​​*Exhibit the merchandise for free in your store and return the unsold items within 6 weeks at our expense (maximum 1000 € of merchandise - subject to approval)

  • Payment in several instalments or within 60 days
    ​​*Payment facilities subject to approval by our team

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