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  • ORIGIN : ROMANIA, 2017


  • POINTS OF SALE : Renee Design Atelier (Bucharest)

The brand, Renee,  was born in 2017 in a workshop in Bucharest, Romania. It was a rather difficult journey that took time to reach the desired level, but with a lot of passion, perseverance and hard work, everything took shape.

Renee represents the vision that I, Renata Stan, have on the image. I was captivated by the images since childhood. The movement of the sleeves of a dress worn by a woman who was probably going to work in the morning while I, half asleep, was mostly dragged by my father to kindergarten.
That image woke me up, caught my attention and stayed in my mind. Later I started to develop that image, to modify it and to create other images. Over time I noticed that each image gives you a certain state, which in turn helps you create stories, so other images. And over the years I have really wanted to make everything happen. I learned how to do this and then I realized that I had found myself.
A few years back, I managed to materialize this passion into Renee. It is a brand I truly love and that gives me lots of energy. 
When starting to work on a new collection I find my inspiration especially in my own emotions, in the images I see when dreaming with my eyes open and in the stories I create. I also get inspired by looking to the outside world, to architectural forms, nature, paintings, and costumes. 

Renee addresses the woman who has the courage to inspire further through her image.


  • Minimum order  : 1000 €
    *On the entire collection of the designer

  • Delivery date estimation : 15 days

  • Resumption of unsold products
    ​​*Exhibit the merchandise for free in your store and return the unsold items within 6 weeks at our expense (maximum 1000 € of merchandise - subject to approval)

  • Payment in several instalments or within 60 days
    ​​*Payment facilities subject to approval by our team

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