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  • ORIGIN : FRANCE, 2021


BEYUG’s foundations are based on a deep reflection of the problems related to humanity, of our relations with each other and to every living being.

BEYUG's goal isn’t to solve all the world's problems, no matter how utopian the idea is. However, it is important for BEYUG to create a reflection in everyone, a click through artworks related to various problems.

Another point, the environmental issue is very important within BEYUG. The company must keep ecology in its sights during each process of production and distribution.

The concept of the first works is simple: each t-shirt has its own print, each print tells a story.

The t-shirts are supplied with an envelope containing an explanatory list. The list is not exhaustive, each individual may have his own perception of the work.

The number and title at the bottom of each print can slightly guide you to the overall idea of the message. However, the references are not immutable. Your perception may lead you to a totally different view than Mr Beyug's.

Mr Beyug, through his works, aims to make everyone think about just causes that can be often simple, sometimes complex, while advocating the sharing of knowledge.


  • Minimum order  : 500€
    *On the entire collection of the designer

  • Delivery date estimation : 20-30 days

  • Resumption of unsold products
    ​​*Exhibit the merchandise for free in your store and return the unsold items within 6 weeks at our expense (maximum 1000 € of merchandise - subject to approval)

  • Payment in several instalments or within 60 days​​
    *Payment facilities subject to approval by our team

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