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L'Artyrie vous met à disposition une base de données d'emails B2B qualifiés de plus de 5 000 magasins multimarques à travers le monde.

Cette base de données qualitative et quantitative vous permet ainsi en tant que marque premium (secteur mode, décoration et lifestyle) de gagner en efficacité en prospectant directement les responsables B2B ciblés des magasins afin de leur présenter votre collection, envoyer vos lookbooks/linesheets et proposer des rendez-vous en showroom/salon etc.
Cette base de donnée wholesale B2B réunit les contacts de plusieurs types de magasins renomées dans le monde entier : concept stores, boutiques multimarques indépendantes, magasins de créateurs et department stores prestigieux.

Avec notre option consulting, l'équipe de L'Artyrie vous accompagne également dans votre développement de distribution B2B : stratégie de prix wholesale, préparation des salons, stratégie de prospection emailing et téléphonique, création de linesheets, planification des rendez-vous B2B etc.

Contenu de la base de données B2B .

Pour obtenir une base de données email aussi ciblée et qualitative, L'Artyrie dispose d'une équipe spécialement dédiée qui s’occupe quotidiennement de rechercher les boutiques multimarques dans le secteur de la mode, décoration et lifestyle.
Cette base de données B2B vous permet ainsi en tant que marque de mode et lifestyle de déployer en interne une prospection commerciale qualitative et qualifiée et ainsi développer son réseau de revendeur de façon pertinente.

Exemples de boutiques parmi notre base de données email de plus de 5 000 magasins (Department stores, concept stores et boutiques multimarques indépendantes) : 

Capture d’écran 2022-10-21 à 13.54.17.png
Capture d’écran 2022-10-21 à 13.54.17.png

Notre base de données contient les emails ciblés correspondant au service B2B de chaque magasin.

Veuillez noter que pour des raisons légales, nous vous fournissons les emails professionnels B2B mais nous ne pouvons pas fournir les coordonnées personnelles des acheteurs (numéro de téléphone, adresse, nom et prénom)

Pour obtenir ces emails ciblés, notre équipe veille quotidiennement les activités des magasins sur les réseaux sociaux, dans la presse, sur Linkedin, en prospection physique, en récupérant des contacts lors de salons etc
Afin de déployer une action encore plus efficace, les emails sont ensuite « nettoyés » tous les mois par un logiciel puissant qui permet d'identifier les emails actifs et exclure les emails erronés, les emails désactivés, les "spam trap" etc.
De cette façon, le taux de déliverabilité de vos campagnes emailing se retrouveront optimisés avec un taux de passage en "spam" largement réduit.

Exemples d'emails acheteurs B2B issus de notre base de données

Capture d’écran 2022-10-21 à 13.54.03.png
Capture d’écran 2022-10-21 à 21.18.49.png

Formulaire de commande .

Le formulaire ci-dessous vous permet de commander une base de données B2B personnalisés.

Une fois le paiement effectué, vous recevrez votre liste d'emails B2B personnalisés sous 2 à 5 jours..

Formulaire commande
  • Where is L'Artyrie's Paris showroom located?
    L'Artyrie's showroom is located in the very heart of the Paris Golden Triangle, within the Normandy Hotel (254 rue St-Honoré), in suite 314/315 on the 3rd floor. The showroom is open, free entrance, from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm.
  • Is the showroom open to B2C customers?
    The showroom is open to the public like any traditional store. You can bring your customers directly to the showroom during the opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 8pm (depending on health restrictions). Guests can visit, try on and buy the pieces directly on site. In the event that you are not physically present, L'Artyrie's team will welcome and process the purchase directly with your customer. There is no commission on sales for B2C customers.
  • Are there any potential new B2C customers coming in?
    L'Artyrie communicates with its professional network and, through word of mouth, buyers are regularly coming in to discover the collections. Moreover, customers of one brand become also customers of another brand, and so on. But you should keep in mind that this is a professional showroom located in a hotel. It is not the same approach as a pop-up store event with a recurring traffic. You should be aware that there are not as many people as in a traditional store on a busy street and that you cannot expect to have frequent B2C sales.
  • Can I exhibit only for a few days in the showroom?
    You can book a weekly exhibition period with the "à la carte" formulas. You can book an exhibition space in the multi-brand area or in the semi-private "bathroom" or in a fully private showroom room. Contact us for availability
  • How many pieces can I exhibit in the showroom?
    The standard brand space consists of one piece of furniture in the showroom, including either a rack or 4 shelves. The rack is about 1m long and can accommodate up to 20 pieces. The shelves (4 shelves of about 60cm) can hold approximately 6/7 bags or some 30 pieces of jewelry. In the semi-private "bathroom" space, you will have a rack and 4 shelves at your disposal. It is of course possible to rotate the pieces throughout the exhibition. Please note that you will also have additional storage space in an adjacent room where you can store extra pieces for free.
  • Is there any commission on B2C sales?
    There is no commission on B2C sales.
  • Does the showroom have the same amenities as a store?
    Yes, the showroom is fully equipped in the same way as a store offering premium services : fitting room, reception area, champagne bar, storage space, video surveillance, credit card payment terminal, shopping bags, etc.
  • Can I schedule an appointment with a customer or partner directly at the showroom?
    Of course you can ! When you are exhibiting in the showroom, you can invite your clients and partners and give them a warm welcome in the L'Artyrie showroom. There is a bar area available to welcome your guests as they deserve ! On reservation, you can book an entire private room just for your brand to ensure a confidential and customized customer experience that stays true to your brand.
  • What happens if I can't be physically present at the showroom?
    Visitors are welcomed by a hostess and the collections are presented just as they would in a traditional store. This means that sales are made directly by the L'Artyrie's staff. If a customer wants to pick up an order placed on the brand's website directly at the showroom, we will welcome them as they deserve with our "Collect & Champagne" service.
  • I don't have a large stock and I mainly offer my products as made-to-order pieces. Can I do this?
    Yes, you can display the top of the line pieces and offer them on a made-to-order basis directly to your customers. They will be able to collect their items at the showroom at a later date. The staff of L'Artyrie will take care of the orders according to your instructions.
  • How do you handle payments if there are any sales made at the showroom?
    Customers can pay directly by cash or credit card thanks to our IZettle or Summup payment terminal. In the case of cash sales, L'Artyrie collects the money directly on site and the brand can come and collect the money whenever it wants.
In the case of credit card sales, payments are made via an Izettle or Summup terminal that has been previously configured by each brand, which means that the funds are credited directly to the brand's bank account on a daily basis, thereby avoiding any overcharging on behalf of L'Artyrie.
  • Can I book an individual showroom for a private event with my guests only?
    You can book a private, individual showroom to present your brand in an upscale, confidential setting. The private showroom is available "à la carte" and several days of privatization are already included in most packages.
  • To whom is the B2B digital showroom aimed at ?
    The B2B digital showroom (in partnership with LeNewBlack platform) is aimed at fashion designer brands that want to develop their network of retailers in France and abroad. We are talking about the leading platform for B2B wholesale development dedicated to high-end contemporary brands.
  • What kind of B2B buyers are present on the digital showroom ?
    There is a mix of department stores such as Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché, Harvey Nichols, Saks, Printemps Haussman, Bloomingdale's etc. and a large number of independent multi-brand boutiques and concept stores. In total, more than 25,000 active buyers on the digital platform are continuously looking for new talented brands that they can feature in their stores. Furthermore, L'Artyrie has a targeted B2B customer file of professional buyers from all over the world that we actively approach via our sales agents.
  • Why are you partnering with " Le New Black " marketplace to develop the B2B digital showroom ?"
    To deploy this B2B digital strategy, L'Artyrie has chosen to collaborate with the digital platform Le New Black, the leading B2B marketplace for contemporary and high-end brands. This B2B digital platform has all the features and functionalities necessary to facilitate relations between brands and stores. As a result, brands are presented in a professional way through a user experience close to a traditional e-commerce platform but adapted to B2B transactions: wholesale and RRP prices, production lead times, material/color combinations, the possibility of importing/exporting line sheets, the ability to access digital line sheets offline using the iPad app, creation and validation of order forms, appointment scheduling, etc. This platform - which has been operating for more than 10 years - hosts both prestigious luxury brands (Kenzo, Rimowa, Lancaster, Tory Burch...), major premium brands (IKKS, Sessùn, Léonard Paris, Bellerose. .) but also established emerging designers (Amiri, Maison Labiche, Atelier Paulin, Avnier, Kujten...) as well as more exclusive talented designer brands (Benjamin Benmoyal, Blue Marble, Les Benjamins, De Bonne facture, NKH Paris...). With this in mind, L'Artyrie seeks to take advantage of this synergy and the network that has already been established by the platform
  • What are the B2B sales conditions you offer to the store ?
    In order to make the buying process of multi-brand stores more dynamic and fluid, we want to simplify and unify the sales conditions of the showroom brands vis-à-vis the wholesale retailers. It will thus be necessary to propose the following purchasing conditions on the B2B digital showroom: -Minimum order (at your choice): 500euros / 1000e / 2000e -Payment period (at your choice): 30% deposit then 70% before shipping OR 30% deposit at the signature of the order and payment in 3 instalments by check OR in 3 instalments by credit card (with Alma or Scalapay system) -Payment methods (at your choice): bank transfer, check or credit card -Delivery times (at your choice): 15 days / 30 days / 60 days / 90 days -Sale-or-Return option at the end of the season in the form of a voucher (optional but highly recommended): if after 6 months, there are still unsold items, the store can return them to you and obtain a voucher that can be used on the next order, the voucher cannot exceed more than 50% of the entire order. Example: a store buys 10 000euros worth of merchandise, after 6 months there are still 1000euros worth of unsold goods: The store sends the unsold goods back to the brand, which in return provides a voucher worth 1000 euros that can be used on the next order. This voucher of 1000 euros can only be used for an order of at least 2000 euros (see use of the voucher over 50% of the order).
This option is highly recommended because it is a win-win situation since it allows the store to be reassured in its purchasing process and it stimulates stock renewal by encouraging the purchase of the new collection by the store. -Territorial exclusivity over 3km: Commitment not to sell the same products in a competitor's store within a 3km radius of the store. Note: when the store submits an order to you, you have the possibility beforehand to accept it or refuse it depending on whether it corresponds to your positioning. You are free to refuse the order of a store on the digital showroom if it does not correspond to your distribution strategy.
  • Are there any commissions on B2B sales ?
    There is no commission on sales for stores that are already working with you or that were already negotiating with you before or that you obtained independently from our network (at a trade show for example). The Artyrie retains a 12% commission on sales for brands that have subscribed to the "Showroom B2B Startere" package and 7% for brands that have subscribed to the "Showroom B2B Premium" package. The commissions are only applicable on B2B sales when it concerns the network that we have approached via our wholesale agents. We only take commissions on the new B2B customers we bring in. This commission is used to remunerate our team of sales agents who actively canvass new resellers. Translated with (free version)
  • Do you have an up-to-date store lead file ?
    We have a file containing more than 10,000 targeted stores, in France and abroad, covering all ranges and positioning, with criteria based on specialties (leather goods, vegan fashion, shoes, luxury, jewelry, etc.). Depending on each brand, we approach targeted retailers and present to them the brands that we exhibit. We also provide you with the contact details of these targeted stores so that you can engage in an even more personalized prospecting process. This file includes a combination of concept stores, independent multi-brand stores and department stores.
  • What's the advantage to working with the L'Artyrie showroom when i can contact the boutique myself ?
    Working with a professional showroom greatly improves your conversion rate when dealing with stores. In fact, stores are very often approached directly by brands. Contacting them as a showroom allows you to have an improved credibility and a different approach. Being represented by a showroom as a trustworthy intermediary reassures the different buyers and makes the B2B purchasing process more fluid.
  • How is the different from a trade show such as Who's Next or Tranoï ?
    L'Artyrie is a permanent year-round showroom that communicates continuously about the various brands it represents. A trade show is a one-time event that lasts three or four days and features a large number of brands at the same time. The advantage of the showroom is that buyers can come whenever they want with a more confidential and high-end customized experience rather than the more impersonal experience they could have at a trade show. Ultimately, these are 2 different yet complementary types of exhibitions that allow you to increase your visibility. It is therefore interesting to combine both in order to adopt a different approach in terms of your B2B strategy.
  • How to prepare to sell to retail buyers ?
    You need to establish a line sheet file indicating the wholesale and retail prices with a coefficient ranging from 2 to 3 between the wholesale price excluding VAT and the retail price including VAT (example of a coefficient of 2.5: a shirt sold at 40e excluding VAT is wholesale sold at 100e including VAT at retail price). L'Artyrie's B2B digital showroom allows you to present your collection to retailers in a professional manner, displaying the wholesale and retail price for each product, as well as many other features typical of the B2B process (exporting line sheets, validating purchase orders, making appointments, etc.).
  • A store wants to check out the products before buying, how can i make it happen ?"
    L'Artyrie's Parisian showroom allows you to welcome your customers in a prestigious setting in the heart of Paris: -If you have chosen the permanent showroom package, you can schedule an appointment at the showroom whenever you want during opening hours. -If you have subscribed to a Digital B2B package, you can book an "à la carte" exhibition period in the showroom whenever you want to make an appointment with a buyer. If you are not physically present, L'Artyrie's team will welcome the buyer and present the collection at the time of your appointment.
  • What does the personalized support by a B2B coach consist of ?
    In order to deploy an efficient and relevant distribution strategy for your brand, it is necessary to follow the rules specific to the wholesale fashion market. That's why our team of B2B experts will be at your side to guide you in your wholesale distribution development. We assist you individually (by phone or on site at our Paris showroom) on different types of topics specific to B2B development in fashion: Help in creating a wholesale linesheet Methodology for prospecting stores Segmentation of a boutique buyer database Creation of wholesale sales conditions Development of the brand on the international market Organization of a showroom appointment Preparation of a trade show Setting up an export grant file Etc.
  • Do you allow participation in trade shows such as the Who's Next ?
    L'Artyrie has a partnership with Who's Next, the leading B2B trade show in Europe. Each year, we exhibit a selection of brands in a special area dedicated to L'Artyrie. Trade shows such as Who's Next are complementary to the showroom and allow you to expand your B2B network with increased visibility. You may already apply to be part of the next edition of the Who' s Next trade show.
  • How does the B2B marketplace system of the digital showroom work ?
    Le New Black is a B2B marketplace so you will have an individual brand account in which you will be able to keep your collection, prices, lookbook, etc. up to date in an independent way. The process is very simple and intuitive, just like a traditional e-shop. A dedicated team from L'Artyrie will be available to help you update your seller account and get you started with the ordering system. There is no limit to the number of items you can list on the digital marketplace. You can also create your own product categories, prices, minimum orders, payment terms, etc.
  • How do you manage to get the contact details of the stores that are relevant to my brand ?
    L'Artyrie works with a network of partner agents who have identified a number of stores, in France and abroad, with a broad range of positioning and styles. All of these contacts are listed and regularly updated in our buyer database and are classified according to their type and positioning (point of sale specializing in vegan fashion, specializing in women's fashion, specializing in unique pieces, etc.). Depending on their location we also contact them in person in order to establish a more efficient relationship.
  • How are B2B sales processed ?
    Payments are processed directly by the brands according to the conditions established beforehand (bank transfers or checks). There are several payment conditions that can be proposed to the stores. In general, stores pay 30% upon signing the order form and then pay the remaining 70% before shipping or upon receipt.
  • Once i have been registered on the B2B digital showroom, all i have to do is wait or the orders from the stores ?"
    The Newblack partner platform has a network of over 25,000 active buyers (active over the last 6 months). These buyers come both to buy the brands they already know and to discover new brands on the marketplace. 
However, it is important to keep in mind that B2B development must be founded on a long-term strategy and that it is necessary to activate a targeted lead generation process. We provide you with a personalized and daily updated lead file in order to introduce your brand to potential buyers and to direct them to your B2B digital showroom page. 
 However, it is important to take into consideration that the current retail market has not been helped by the health crisis that preceded us. Most stores have been disrupted in their operations and may take longer to commit to the distribution of a new brand within their store. While for some brands, the decision to buy B2B can be made very quickly, for others, the wholesale strategy must be considered over the long term, leaving time for stores to have the necessary hindsight on the brand's history so they can be reassured about their choice.
  • Can i expect a quick return on investment ?
    The development of a fashion brand is an exciting job but it takes time to settle on the market. It is a long-term work. Some brands have a very quick return on investment because their offer quickly meets their public. Other brands must consider a long-term strategy in order to build brand awareness and gain the trust of their B2C or B2B customers. It takes about 4 to 12 months for the first retailers to have the time to identify the brand and start testing the products at the point of sale. Once the first stores start distributing the brand, other stores will naturally follow and things will become easier as the brand "settles in".
  • Do we have to give you exclusive distribution rights ?
    L'Artyrie does not require exclusivity from its exhibiting brands.

 You have the possibility to work and exhibit in parallel with other agents or distributors.
  • Do you organize events to present the brands and enliven the showroom ?
    In order to give the showroom a more dynamic feel, L'Artyrie organizes a festive opening event about once a month with the presence of brands and partners (stylists, photographers, influencers, buyers, journalists, etc.) 
Learn more about our media strategy.
  • What exactly is the professional editorial photoshoot than you include in the resident showroom packages ?
    In order to highlight the various brands being exhibited, L'Artyrie organizes a professional photoshoot several times a month, featuring a selection of the pieces being exhibited at the showroom. 
These professional photos allow each brand to enhance their respective lookbooks, and will also be used by L'Artyrie to communicate about our selection of brands among our database of influencers and media. The resulting photos will be shared on our various social networks and submitted to the editorial staff of several fashion magazines. We work with a professional team of photographers, agency models, make-up artists, stylists, assistants, and many more to create these fashion photoshoots.
  • Do you get in touch with influencers or the press ?
    Absolutely, about once a month, we organize opening events for the brands that are part of the "resident showroom" package along with influencers and press partners. We also regularly ask stylists and photographers to include the outfits in a variety of editorials and for purposes related to TV, magazines, shows, etc. We will inform you in advance about each press request and will wait for your confirmation to know if you want to be part of the media publication.
  • Am i guaranteed to appear in a magazine or have a media publication by exhibiting in the showroom ?
    We constantly communicate with different stylists in order to present them the different pieces that are exhibited in the showroom. These stylists work both for magazine fashion editorials and for media celebrities who are looking for outfits for a variety of purposes (TV appearances, concerts, music videos, etc.).

 The editorial projects are diverse and the needs vary according to the moodboards. Some stylists will have a specific need (a red jumpsuit, a brown leather jacket, a pair of heels ...), others will have more flexibility when it comes to their choice.

 So, depending on the project, some brands may have several collaborations within a few weeks, then other brands will have less frequent partnerships.

Si vous avez encore des questions sur notre service d'achat de base de données B2B, n'hésitez pas à prendre contact avec notre équipe par email :

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